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Working with Kris was an excellent experience! She helped us find exactly what we were looking for in a property. We worked with Kris for a number of months and she kept us up to date on the North County market. She is an expert in this area and her knowledge and experience helped us to be ready to move when right property became available. We purchase our house sight unseen and this was only possible because of the trust and confidence we had in Kris.

Kris was very accommodating through the inspection and closing process. Our home was a short-term rental which made it difficult to find time to get inspectors and appraiser on the property. Kris always found a way to rearrange her schedule to fit the narrow windows of availability. She regularly checked in on the property, taking videos and pictures to keep us in the loop of what was happening.

Kris also made the process fun! There are inevitably times of stress and uncertainly when buying house. Kris helped us navigate the challenges and we were usually laughing along the way. Now that we are closed on the house and settling in we are excited to have Kris as a North County neighbor!

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