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Colorado's Liquid Gold: A Resource to Treasure

Snowfall and spring rains are the lifeblood of Colorado, providing over 80% of the state's water. These gifts from the sky fill our rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs, forming what we call surface water. Snowmelt sustains ecosystems, farms and millions of people. But this supply isn't constant, changing with the seasons and from year to year.

Most Coloradans live east of the Continental Divide, far from where most of the water originates. This creates a challenge: managing this precious resource effectively. That's why experts keep a close eye on winter snowfall to predict the state's water availability for the year.

Water is a very complex topic in our state, especially how it relates to real estate. Understanding water and water rights can be tricky, especially with all the beautiful lakes, reservoirs, and snow-capped peaks around us. But no matter where you live in Colorado, whether you rely on a private well or a municipal system, using water wisely is essential.

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